A downloadable game for Windows

VR environment showcase created by the fantastic, yes art team

A small VR experience where you can explore a strange house at your own pace. There are no goals or objectives to complete, its merely a visual demo.

Hope you enjoy it and mind the spooky dudes!!

Art Team -  Jesper FriisErik SuttonMaximilian Rötzler - Radoslaw Pyzel

- Thanks to Everyone at fantastic, yes


the-crowford-files-win.zip 627 MB
Version 4 Apr 13, 2019


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Very nice work, great "show off" type VR experience for people to expose first time VR users with. I have this as part of video of 3 videos from itch.io. You can check it out here, I only recorded a little bit of it so people can check out the other 90% on their own. Here is the video (yours starts at 6:23 into it):